Executive Training

Executive education for a global industry

 Working with regional partners and trainers gives our training local context. Our faculty are practitioners who have worked in banking and finance and combine academic rigour with years of experience. 

We’ll adapt our approach our approach to suit your region, market, and organisation.

We train online, face-to-face where possible, or a combination of the two.

Operational Risk and Resilience

  • Equip staff with responsibility for operational risk management with the latest training

  • Improve operational risk and resilience management

  • Ensure better customer outcomes and reduce the risk of fraud

  • Improve risk management practice to reduce loses and improve financial performance

  • Enable the bank to better prepare for future crises

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Advanced Corporate Credit Skills

  • Upskill your relationship managers and credit officers

  • Improve deal structuring skills

  • Enhance credit application and decision making

  • Address the more sophisticated credit needs of larger corporate clients

  • Assess credit appetite and credit solutions for large corporate clients more effectively

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Managing Problem Loans

  • Support your client-facing teams with training that will improve financial performance

  • Improve credit portfolio management to reduce loses

  • Adopt a proactive approach to restructuring debt facilities

  • Rebuild trust and deepen client relationships

  • Prepare your bank for future crises

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Risk Management For Practitioners

  • Build a strong risk culture at your bank

  • Give your staff the skills they need to identify, manage and mitigate risks

  • Make your teams aware of the different types of risk

  • Teach your staff how to manage ever-changing risk

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Credit Essentials

  • Give your relationship teams the skills they need to manage credit

  • Improve core credit assessment and the credit decision making process

  • Assess credit appetite to help clients secure funding for potential acquisitions

  • Address the credit needs of new and existing clients

  • Prepare for uncertainty and future crises

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Looking for something else?

We can also deliver training programmes covering: